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Magdalena - 6mm Lux Labradorite Silver Sacred Heart Cloister

Magdalena - 6mm Lux Labradorite Silver Sacred Heart Cloister

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Designed over two decades ago and born from a rosary, the Magdalena necklace is a force of strength and creativity. There’s a reason that some of the most creative people in the music industry, including celebrities and Grammy-award winning pop stars, have worn and carried this powerful Virgins Saints & Angels necklace. Handmade in Mexico, this divine piece is assembled with naturally iridescent Labradorite gemstones that glow in an array of colors embodying the legacy as the gemstone of transformation. This unique piece can be paired with one of our detailed Luxury Medallions including the Cloister Sacred Heart (a medallion proving that sparkling divine love is well worth the burn) or the popular Cloister San Benito (a medallion that is a symbol of strength and conviction).

  • Plated over bronze
  • 6mm Labradorite Gemstones
  • Chain length 16" to 20" adjustable
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