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Lilac Butterfly Wing Cuff

Lilac Butterfly Wing Cuff

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Indulge in the enchanting beauty of the Lilac bracelet, adorned with real butterfly wings. Delicate and graceful, this bracelet captures the essence of blooming lilacs in a mesmerizing display of color. Let it wrap your wrist in a floral embrace, evoking a sense of tranquility. Wear the Lilac and immerse yourself in the whimsical allure of nature's blossoms.

 Our bracelets are handcrafted from natural butterfly wings, meaning each piece is unique and may vary. 

Wings from the Polyura Eudamippus Butterfly from Indonesia

-24k Gold-plated brass cuff 

-0.6” wide and 6” from end to end (8” circumference)

-Adjustable, one size fits most

-To keep your cuff looking its best, we recommend keeping it dry and polishing with a soft cloth.


We source our butterflies from aviaries and butterfly farms around the world. The butterflies life span is usually only a couple of weeks to a couple of months so the butterflies are collected after they pass away naturally and we buy the wings. The money that the aviaries get from selling these wings is put into reforestation and preserving the natural flora and fauna.

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