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Bender Sender

Family Drinking Game

Family Drinking Game

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We are proud to announce the Worlds First Family Drinking Game for this festive season. Reminisce on the old times whilst exposing your families best kept secrets. This just might get you drunk or tear your family apart.  

Play with unlimited family members This game has over 200 different cards with 5 different categories designed to ruin your night.

  • Swig I guess it’s time to come clean, if you’ve done what’s said then enjoy your swigs.
  • Ballot Whoever gets the most votes throughout the group must take the number of swigs listed on the bottom of the card.
  • Truth or Sink ? Either confess your truth or take the forfeit
  • Dare or Sink ? It can cause a laugh or potentially a cry, do the dare or settle for a shot
  • Send It You’re the unlucky one, finish your Drink!
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