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Lenora Dame

Beatrix Charm Necklace

Beatrix Charm Necklace

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An "eggcellent" festive piece to complete your Easter/Spring ensemble! Adorable miniature bunny charms with a harmonious mix of soft spring-hued beads create this Easter and Spring statement necklace. This necklace is definitely ready to "Spring" into action! If you like this, you may want to hop over to our Easter Basket Gift Ideas shop section to explore more unique Spring designs! 

Easter Bunny Charm Necklace Offers You:

~Unique Easter & Spring accessory that will give you all the fresh feels of Spring while completing your ensemble

~Necklace that evokes smiles and starts conversations

~Can be adjusted to your liking

~An Easter basket gift with zero calories

~A necklace that is rare and unique and made for those who love keeping their accessories game strong

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