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Angler Hand Scrub & Cleaner

Angler Hand Scrub & Cleaner

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You worked hard fishing all day or got really dirty working on your motors or trailer. Cleaning up is a hard task when you worked that hard! Finally a solution for both. Our proprietary formula was developed after hundreds of test to make sure it did both well. We used science to tackle both. It cuts through grease, grime and guts like its not even there. Usually one wash is enough!

For fish smell, lets talk about why its so hard to get the odor out. Fish odors are tough to remove with traditional soaps as they absorb deep into the dermal layers. Normal soaps just washes what's on the very surface and never touch the odor deep down in the skin. Our soap was developed to draw out the fish odors with each use. If you went for a light day of fishing, one wash is usually enough. If you were offshore all day long in the hot sun grabbing dead bait and not washing your hands, the odor is intense. This can take up to three washes. Ideally in this situation do the first scrub then wait 5 min. If the odor is still there repeat. If after another 5 min wait you still have a slight faint odor, the 3rd time usually does the trick! Each wash helps draw the odors up and out of the skin. This is really for those charter guys that have had their hands deep in the bait all day long.

It leaves a very light lemon scent. You'll throw away those orange bottle grease soaps and other fish smell control soaps as we do both very well!


• Made in United States

• Dimensions: 7″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″ (17.8 x 6.4 x 6.4 cm)

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